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Children 10 and under
Toddlers 4 and under may order pasta with butter or tomato sauce at no charge. 

Mozzarella Sticks $10
4 mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce 

Penne Pasta $10
With butter and cheese  

Pizza $10
Mozzarella and parmesan cheese over marinara sauce  

Cheese Ravioli $11
3 ravioli with tomato sauce 

Chicken Fingers $12
With French fries 

Chicken Parmesan $12
Over angel hair pasta in marinara sauce 

Grilled Chicken $12 
With sautéed broccoli and carrots

Spaghetti $12
With tomato sauce and a meatball

Each children’s meal includes soda, juice, or milk and a large chocolate chip cookie (Upon request).

JUNE 30, 2022

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